We run many events throughout the year. Follow us on FaceBook and keep an eye out in the box.​

Box Guide

  • We advise a training schedule of 2 to 3 days on and 1 day off. Consistency is key and for this we advise 3-4 visits per week
  • Encourage and welcome everyone, even if they support Arsenal
  • Focus on your effort rather than your results
  • We upload each day's whiteboard to our Twitter account here
  • Be patient. You will get stronger, fitter, faster but these things take time
  • If you don't understand something always ask the coach first, especially if you've seen something online​​
  • We have a private Facebook group for members only here. Please ask to join to keep up to date with everything
  • We'd love to celebrate any major Birthday and/or major event with a workout. Please let a coach know 2 weeks prior so we can program accordingly

Box Rules

  • Do not drop empty barbells
  • If you bleed/sweat/dribble (congrats), please clean it up
  • Never walk past/near someone lifting weights or working out
  • Turn up on time (5 burpees per minute late)
  • Pack away your stuff (1 burpee per kilogram left out)
  • Always write your score on the whiteboard (20 burpee penalty)
  • You must ask permission to do your own thing during class times


We advocate whole foods grown locally. We are extremely lucky to have some brilliant local farms ranging from free range grass fed pedigree beef at Brookfields to cold pressed rapeseed oil from Mrs. Middleton's. If you wish to measure your nutrition The Zone Diet is a good start.

Movement Library

Don't worry if you don't know what something is, always ask if you're unsure. There are a few examples on Youtube here

Competing & The CrossFit Games

For the more competitive person there is a huge competition scene with many local and national CrossFit style competitions available for all abilities. Most can be found here

There is also one official CrossFit sanctioned competition run once a year to find The Fittest On Earth. There is a multi-million pound prize pot but most CrossFitters only compete in the early stage to join in with the CrossFit community.

Facebook page

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